Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Managing Stress as a Blogger - Blog Ethics

Sure, I covered all the topics needed to get you started on your blogging Career, You can expand on them in the future, engage in online research, moreover I will be hitting on some minor blogging topics from time to time. For now, all you need to get started as a blogger is contained in this book.
blogging stress
Managing Stress as a Blogger
If you've noticed, most professional bloggers do not engaged in other curricular activities outside their niche, this should not be the case with you.
Maybe you initially took
blogging as a hobby, when it finally becomes your profession you should look for another activity to participate in, this will help in managing stress as a blogger.
Blogging stress can Arise from different events, examples; stress from Hack- Attack, Failed Projects, Lost Information, Threats from High Profile Personalities, (as in the case of Linda ikeji and Sahara reporters), Stress from Low Income Turn up At the start level, Stress from betrayal by co-bloggers, Stress From Competitors in your niche, stress from a long night of "Article Typing And Post Organization", Stress from negative and discouraging comments by some blog visitors, family and friends, to mention but a few.
You need to effective manage these stress to avoid being hacked into a physical, mental, religious or psychological trauma, for example, Seun Osewa of Nairaland Changed from Being a Christian to An Atheist, this might be as a result of his exposure to the Blogosphere.

My Final Word to Newbie Bloggers
When you finally make it in blogging, don't take blogging as your leisure time activity, engage in other stuffs, this will help you relax better, Don't take the blogging career far too serious, as though it’s worth dying for, be patient and confident, take one project at a time, pray if you believe in prayers (70% of bloggers do).

And finally don’t forget to donate back to the blognigeria.com.ng community when you finally make it as a blogger, remember that is where it all started. Hope to Hear Your Success Story Soon.

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