Monday, 3 July 2017

How to Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Blog Members

If you don't have the virtue of humility, patience and understanding, you might have a problem here because some blog visitors can be quite annoying.
65% of your new daily visitors landed on your blog by coincidence through search engines or social media, they never really wanted to visit your blog, their questions is what brought them there. So therefore, it is necessary to learn how to turn a one-time guest to a lifetime member.
No matter the niche you have chosen to work with, you have to relate with your visitors one way or the other, no visitor will revisit a blog when they feel like a stranger on their first visit.
great blog relationshipGood Blogger-members relationship is the number one characteristics of a successful blogger, the rate at which you convert visitors to blog partners clearly defines the rate at which your blog is growing. For example, if you receive 100 visitors today, and only 7 of them are willing to revisit your blog some other time, then you should start restructuring your blogging techniques.
The Techniques in Creating a Good Lasting relationship with your blog visitors can be divided into five (5) categories, they are:
1. Give Your Website Visitors a Home
You have created a blog, you have written some articles, now what next? Of course you would be expecting visitors to come check out what you've got. Let’s take this to the real world, When You expect an august visitor, you will make sure your house is in order, and everything needed for the visitor’s comfort is in place, when the visitor finally arrives, you will make sure he/she feels at home. Same scenario here, you should give you website visitors a home treatment to make sure they visit again, you can do that by;
a. Making sure you website is clear, neat and easy to navigate, make sure you choose a perfect background color for your blog, example, choosing a yellow background with a white text or brings out tears from a reader's eyes when reading at night.
b. Create a "help" or "Start here" page, to enable visitors get it right with your site.
c. You can also create a "HELLO DEAR" or "WELCOME" pop up if your blogging platform permits that.
2. Give Your Blog Visitors an Identity
This is my beef with and, though now it can be bent to some extent, your visitors needs to know their position in their new home, they want to feel at home, they want to have a name!, for instance, calling your august visitor "hello sir stranger"  will not give him/ her any sense of belonging. You can give your blog visitors an identity by;

a. Enabling member registration in your blog,, tumblr,, etc.  Don’t allow that,, xeno forum, mybb and some others do. These are factors to consider when choose the perfect blogging platform for your new blog.
b. An alternative to registration is an email newsletter form, or a Guest form, virtually all blogging platform permits this. If the newsletter is in the form of pop up, don't make it annoying and hard to escape from, else you might end up losing potential members.
c. Enable badges, member titles, user ranks, and so on as in the case of, this will let your members know there level of authority in their new home.
d. Create a "Show face" page or "shout out" box for members, if user registration is not possible.
3. Give Your Visitors Quality Content
After welcoming your august visitor in your clean home and have called him by his name, what next? You serve him a tasteless food? Or give him an expired drink? Hell no! What a beautiful way to die hard!. Same with your blog, if you have welcomed your visitors very well, but could not give them the information or help they seek then you might have done a beautiful nonsense.
4. Give Your Blog Members Your Time
It’s left for you to decide how much time you want to dedicate to members, but my concern is the number of days a comment or request will stay in your inbox before it is being acknowledged by you. You have to interact with your visitors from time to time, take their problems as yours, connect with them not just in your blog, but also on social media, this is Linda Ikeji’s secret. I know this can be tiring and frustrating sometimes, but hey dude! If it’s your business, you need to invest your time and money in it.
5. Give Your Members Expectations
Always let them know what you are up to, give them a fore knowledge of your next project, inform them about your next post, if the topic interests them, they will be the ones visiting to check if it has been published. That’s the idea. Let your visitors know you are growing with them.
Building a working relationship with your website visitors is very important in the blogosphere, it’s not about getting visitors, it’s about converting visitors to loyal members and finally to contributors. In all, you should be understanding, if you are blogging on a niche that requires advise or some level of expertise, you should note that not all members have the same level of literacy as you. Build a great relationship with your members, that's the only way to keep them talking about your blog.

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