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How they started - Uche Eze (Bella Naija)

In this chapter, we will look at how Uche Eze, the founder of bellanaija.com started. BellaNaija was ranked 4th in Africa Ranking's "Top 10 African Entertainment Websites.”

Early Life of Uche Eze (courtesy; wikipedia)
Uchenna Jennifer Eze was born on July 26, 1984, her state of origin is Ondo State,
Nigeria. Uche was born and raised in Nigeria.
Uche Eze’s Educational Background
She finished her primary and secondary school education. She later moved to Canada where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada.
Uche Eze’s Earlier Work before She Started Blogging
Prior to the creating of her website BellaNaija, Uche worked for Shell Canada, Cadbury Middle East & Africa Unit in the UK, and Cadbury in Nigeria.
Uche is a Fellow of TEDAfrica and a Nigeria Leadership Initiative associate.
Uche Eze’s Blogging Career
In July 2006, she founded BellaNaija, a leading website for entertainment, lifestyle and fashion in Africa and CEO/MD of Bainstone Limited, a new media company.
It Was Only Later that She Opened Up Her Company BainStone, It was chosen as one of 50 high potential Nigerian SMEs and awarded a British Airways Opportunity Grant.
Being a big lover of fashion, she started by posting scanned magazine articles, pictures and interviews of Nigeria fashion personalities.
Why Uche Eze Hide Her True Identity for Quite Some Time
She continued this under a disguised identity until she began to have over a million hits every month and decided to unveil herself before the media would expose her in a negative way.
Uche Eze's Advice for New Bloggers

There is no fixed career path. My advice is to look inwards, find your passion, find your niche and go for it! Don’t over-think it. While you are ‘thinking’ someone might launch your idea.”
Uche Eze’s Blogging Niche
Her blog focuses on news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and other media contents aimed at Pan-African and Nigerian audiences.
Uche Eze’s Blog Visitor's Traffic Hits
Her blog drives almost same daily hits with that of linda ikeji, Over 1 million daily hits. Although Linda ikeji is better at converting her visitors traffic to cash.
How much does Uche Eze Earns from Bella Naija?
She earns up to $35,000 every month from Google AdSense revenue and makes not less than N30 million every month from direct adverts on her blog.
 BellaNaija Weddings, promotional and sponsored contents on her blog are also other means of income. She is one the richest bloggers in Nigeria and Africa, Uche Pedro net worth is estimated to be N2 billion.
Why Did Uche Eze Join Blogging?
Uche Eze started Blogging just to occupy her boring moments after her Graduation from the University.  Uche Eze started BellaNaija as a time-filling hobby in the same year she graduated, while in Canada and shortly before she resumed her first ever post-graduation job with Shell.
Uche Eze’s Marriage Life and Children
She got married to Bode Pedro, son of the former deputy Governor of Lagos State on Saturday June 16, 2012 and she was blessed with a set of twins on April 9, 2015.
Uche Eze’s Awards and Achievements
2010 - The Future Awards - Young Person of the Year - Nominated
2010 - The Best Use of Technology - Nominated
2010 - African Fashion Week
          Outstanding Contributions to Fashion Communication Award - Won
2013 - The Future Awards - Young Media Entrepreneur of the Year   - Won
2015 - Creative Industries Awards - Creative Industries Awards for Bloggers - Won
2016 - Kids' Choice Awards       - Best African Blogger - Won
2010 - Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Communication Award - Won
2011/12 - Best Event Coverage Online Award - Won

Uche Eze's Weakness
Unlike Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze has little or no controversies in her Blogging Career, But She Is Not that Social, or rather "intimate" With her blog Visitors, in fact, she only revealed her true identity years later.
Her Choice of blogging platform was perfect for her niche, she used Wordpress.org
Unlike Linda Ikeji, Uche did not start life from the scratch, her studying abroad should tell you more.

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