Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Step By Step Guide On Setting Up A Blogspot Website In Minutes ( With Pictures )

we will learn how to set up a blog using blogger.com website today.
In our last lecture we learnt how to set up a wordpress.com blog in 5 minutes, And in our next lecture we will learn how to set up a blog using self hosted wordpress.org.
How To Set Up A Blogger Website In 5 Minutes
1. Registration

a. Visit www.blogger.com
b. Click on "Create A Blog" (its at the top right conner of the blogger homepage)
sign in to blogspot account

c. You can Sign in Using Your existing Gmail account or you create another account.
2. Setting Up Your Blog
set up blogger site

a. You will see a pop up form, input your Blog Tittle
b.  Choose your blog Address, in this case we used bloggingtutorial2017.blogspot.com ( you can map out a custom domain later ).
c. Select a theme ( don't worry you can change it or upload your own theme later )
d. Click on Create blog.
3. Creating Your First Post
create first blogger post

a. Click On "New Post" button on your dashboard
b. Add your post title, then content, you can add label to your post (known as tag in wordpress).
c. Click On Publish
4. Creating Your First Page
create first blogger page

a. Click On Pages in the dashboard Area
b. Click on New Page 
c. Add the page title and content
d. click on Publish ( we recommend that you create the Contact us, About Us and Privacy Policy page for the start)
5. Other settings
set up blogger domain

You can play around with other settings to suit your taste, but keep in mind that blogger customization is limited.
6. Check What You have Done So Far
completed blogspot website

Visit your blog url to see how your blog looks so far, in our case its bloggingtutorial2017.blogspot.com, Hurray!!
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