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How To Install a New Blogger Template Without Losing Files

Installing a blogger template is easy, in fact, the step by step guide to installing it is everywhere on the internet, but most times we find out that we have lost some or part of our posts, images, etc.
There are two methods of installing a custom template to your blogger site and we will explain them in this post, but let us first see things needed to be done before uploading a new template in

blogger template installation guide

Template Pre-Installation Process
Before installing a new template in your blogger website;
First, you must check the source of your new template because just as with WordPress themes, you need to be careful about using free Blogger templates found on the web. These can also include malware or spam links to other sites. Unfortunately, unlike WordPress, Google has no official site to distribute Blogger templates separate from their Template Designer, so there is no 100 percent safe source for trustworthy themes.
Secondly, you will need to backup all your posts and themes should in case something goes wrong with the new template you can easily revert back to the old one.
Installing Blogger Template Using XML file Upload – method 1
Here’s how to install a Blogger template you’ve downloaded from another site using file u├Ępload method:
1.      Log in to Blogger, and on your Blogger Dashboard, click the Design link.
2.      Click the Edit HTML tab.
3.      Click the Download Full Template link and save it to your computer.
 Note; Make a note of the file name and where you saved it in case you need it later!
4.      Unzip the template file you downloaded from another site.
5.      Back on the Edit HTML page, click the Choose File button.
6.      Navigate to where you saved the unzipped files on your computer, and double-click the one that ends in .xml.
7.      Click the Upload button.
Please Note; if you already have some existing widgets on your Blogger blog, you may get a warning message asking whether you want to keep them or delete them. If you want to preserve the work you’ve done before, click the Keep Widgets button. If you don’t need them anymore, click the Delete Widgets button.
When the upload is complete, you get a message at the top of the page that says Your Changes Have Been Saved.
8.      Click the View Blog button to ensure that your blog looks the way you want it to look.
Note also; you may have to remove or move some page elements in order to get the template to display properly.
Some free Blogger templates you find on the web may be incompatible with the most recent version of Blogger. If this happens to you, you’ll either have to find someone very smart who knows how to edit XML, or you’ll have to find a different template to upload! You can also reinstall the template you downloaded as a backup, or use the Template Designer.
Installing Blogger Template Using Copy and Paste – Method 2
Your theme could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
Content is not allowed in prolog.
If you see the above error when uploading your template, then try this copy, paste method.
1.       Open .xml file with text editor.
Open .xml file using text editor like notepad, wordpad, notpad++ or something like that.
2.        Copy all coding.
In the text editor, press ctrl+a and then ctrl+c (ctrl+a to select all coding, ctrl+c to copy the selected coding)
3.        Open HTML Editor on blogger.
Now open HTML Editor on blogger dashboard and click “Edit HTML” button.
4.       Paste coding on blogger HTML Editor.
Click anywhere in HTML Editor. Now press ctrl+a and then ctrl+v (ctrl+a to select all coding, ctrl+v to replace selected coding with copied template coding). Finally click “Save theme” button.
Template Post-Installation Process
After template successful installation, make sure everything is set properly in the blog, Visit the blog homepage to see if the theme is showing properly, upload the previous template( which you have backed up)should in case you encounter any problem with the new one, with this no post or images will be lost, hurray !!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Top 7 Best Wordpress Plugins For Social Media Auto Share

The importance of auto social media sharing cannot be over emphasized. In one of our previous posts I mentioned social media as the 2nd largest source of traffic for a blog, I also told you that it helps in site Authority.
Now, this post is exclusively for our subscribers, I would like to roll out to you the best wordpress plugins for social media auto share.

social media auto share plugin

Best Wordpress Plugins for Social Media Auto Share

1.     AccessPress Twitter Auto Post


  • Auto post on Facebook Profile and Facebook Fan Pages
  • Auto post of new posts, custom post types (you can configure)
  • Auto Post filtering as per post types and taxonomies i.e. you can enable auto post for certain post types or certain categories
  • Logs available to track all the auto posts to individual accounts
  • Post format selection ability – You can post either simple text message or share your blog post.
  • Message format configuration ability
  • Ability to publish a single wordpress post to Facebook profile and fan pages concurrently with just one publish click
  • Ability to enable and disable auto post in post screen – you won’t need to go to plugin settings to disable Auto Post
  • Lightweight – Installs in seconds
  • User friendly – very easy to configure and setup with all the necessary step guidance on plugin settings page.
  • Super Support
    – Dedicated email, forum support
  • Free updates
    – Get free updates for lifetime.
2.     AccessPress Twitter Auto Post

Free Features:
  • Auto post on Twitter Account
  • Auto post of new posts, custom post types (you can configure)
  • Auto Post filtering as per post types and taxonomies – you can enable auto post for certain post types or certain categories
  • Logs available to track all the auto posts to individual accounts
  • Message format configuration ability
  • Ability to publish a single wordpress post to twitter profile with just one publish click
  • Ability to enable and disable auto post in post screen – you won’t need to go to plugin settings to disable Auto Post
  • Ability to shorten URL using Bitly API – you will just need bitly username and API Key.
  • Lightweight – Installs in seconds
  • User friendly – very easy to configure and setup with all the necesssary step guidance on plugin settings page.
  • Super Support
    – Dedicated email, forum support
  • Free updates
    – Get free updates for lifetime.

Premium Features
 Unlimited Account Support (Configure as many accounts of 
Each as you want)
 Facebook Auto Post
 Twitter Auto Post
 LinkedIn Auto Post
 Tumblr Auto Post
 Super support – get support via email/support forum/online chat 

3. Super Socializer

Feature list;

  • Social Share from around 100 social networks
  • Share counts are supported for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, GooglePlus, Delicious, Buffer, Reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Vkontakte
  • FREE icon customization options
  • Options to specify sharing icon shape – Square, Round and Rectangular
  • Options to specify sharing icon size – minimum 16 pixels, no upper limit
  • Options to specify sharing icon backround color and logo color
  • Sharing counter customization options
  • Enable share count cache with option to control cache refresh time-frame
  • Enable url shortening to use in sharing
  • Horizontal and Vertical (floating) layout for sharing
  • Customizable target url for sharing
  • Rearrange order of sharing icons
  • Specify position of sharing icons with respect to content – Top and Bottom
  • Enable/Disable sharing on default/custom post types
  • Enable/Disable sharing on individual pages/posts
  • Enable/Disable total/individual share count(s)
  • Mobile responsive sharing interface
  • Enable/Disable vertical/floating sharing interface on mobile device
  • Social Login from 9 Social Networks – Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram, Xing, Twitch, Steam and LiveJournal
  • Enable Social Login interface at WordPress Login, Register pages and comment form
  • Syncs user’s basic social profile data with WordPress profile
  • Enable Social Login at WooCommerce checkout page and customer login form
  • Enable Sharing at WooCommerce products
  • Syncs user’s basic social profile data with WooCommerce profile
  • Sync social profile data with BuddyPress XProfile fields
  • Auto-approve comments made by users logged in using Social Login
  • Use user’s social profile avatar as profile picture at your website
  • Customizable login/post-registration redirection
  • Enable Facebook Like/Recommend, Google +1, Google Plus Share, Twitter Tweet, Yummly, Buffer, Xing buttons
  • Enable Social Comments – Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments, Disqus Comments
  • Widgets and shortcodes for Social Share, Social Login, Social Comments and Like Buttons
  • Let your users link their social accounts to the account at your website
  • Compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Supports HTTPS enabled websites
  • 24/7 quickest customer support

 4. Nelio Content


 Editorial Calendar—All You Need, at a Glance

 Social Networks—Schedule and Promote Your Content

Analytics—Measure Your Performance

Content Assistant—We Take Care of the Details

Teams—you’ll Never Work Alone

 Advanced Functionalities—there’s more than You Think

5. Blog2Social
 Free Features;
  • Connect profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, XING, Reddit, Pinterest, Flickr, Medium, Tumblr, Torial, Diigo and Delicious.
  • Connect a business page in Facebook
  • Automatically share blog posts to all of your selected networks
  • Tailor your posts and add comments, tags, hashtags and handles for each network
  • Manage all blog posts and share the blog posts of all users of your blog (administrator rights required)
  • Select and share images with your posts
  • Keep track of your social media posts with the posting dashboard
  • Re-share old posts
Blog2Social Premium
         Connect pages and groups in Facebook, Google+ and XING as well as pages in LinkedIn.
  • Connect multiple social channels per network Blog2Social manages multiple parallel profiles, pages and groups in each network.
  • Social Media Auto-Poster Blog2Social automatically shares your blog posts on social media when your post is published. Alternatively, you can choose to schedule your blog post at the best times for each network directly from the WordPress editor.
  • Best Time Scheduler ready to use time scheme for custom time scheduling, save your personal best time settings, schedule your posts once, multiple times or recurrently for up to one year
  • Schedule your posts on network level to automatically share them on your profiles, pages and groups at the best times to post on each network
  • Select between link post an image posts / photo posts for Facebook and Twitter
  • Define multiple combinations of network profiles, pages and groups for specific sharing purposes
  • Upload and select any image you want from your WordPress media gallery for each of your social media posts
  • Reporting Follow the links in your dashboard to the shared posts on your timelines or keep an overview of your scheduling with the calendar.
  • Follow the links in your dashboard to shared posts to your timelines
  • Connect multiple users per license on one or multiple WordPress blogs
6. NextScripts
Free and Pro Plugin Features
  • Message Formatting Tags
  • Assign categories to each Social Network
  • Tags/Categories posted as Hashtags
  • Auto-import comments from Facebook as WordPress Comments
  • Auto-import replies and mentions from and Twitter as WordPress Comments
  • URL Shorteners:,, YOURLS and built in WordPress URL Shortener
  • Additional URL Parameters
  • Custom URLs for AutoPosts
  • Export/Import Plugin settings
  • See direct links to the published posts from the “Edit” page
  • “Image” posts for Facebook, Google+, Vkontakte and Twitter
  • Ability to “Spin” message post templates
  • Ability to make Scheduled and Delayed postings
  • Advanced Filters. Filter by Custom Fields, Custom Taxonomies, and Searches

7. MicroBlog Poster
  • Auto publish to social media networks your new blog content
  • Auto publish old posts, tweet old posts
  • Sends out social signals and auto share to social media networks
  • Social signals and backlinks auto generator
  • Cross post to facebook , cross post to twitter
  • Facebook auto publish, Twitter auto publish, Pinterest auto publish
  • Auto publish to facebook , tumblr
  • Auto share to twitter , facebook , linkedin
  • Auto post to social media networks, Auto tweet
Any comments or contribution? , please we are eager to hear you out, Enjoy!!

Monday, 10 July 2017

MH Magazine Theme ; July 2017 Review Plus The Setup Guide

I am Currently using the MH magazine theme in one of my partner blog, and I can tell you, its certainly amazing. so i decided to write a review about it here at gurusland. 
MH Magazine WordPress Theme is a perfect, present day, completely responsive and search engine optimization advanced premium magazine WordPress subject for news sites, online magazines, sites and other publication related undertakings. This magazine WordPress subject incorporates custom gadgets, propelled design choices, simple to utilize topic alternatives, colour pickers with boundless hues to make your own particular shading plan and some more.
MH Magazine WordPress

MH Magazine WordPress Theme is the ideal answer for bloggers, writers, editors and web optimization specialists who need to make incredible and powerful online magazines and concentrate on distributing astonishing substance to extend their business. Quit tweaking your ebb and flow WordPress subject and squandering your time hunting down wasteful modules. All alternatives and elements of MH Magazine WordPress Theme can be designed and modified effectively inside a couple of minutes.

Free Vs Paid Version

The MH magazine theme come with two plans;
1, The Free MH magazine Life version
2, The Paid Mh magazine Premium version

I am using the premium version which i purchase for $49 in their Homepage here
Believe me, the free version is no match for the premium version when it comes to advanced customization.
If you are just starting out, or if you want to see how the theme looks with your blog, then you can go with the Lite version but if you mean business just like me, then i will advice you to purchase the premium plan, its a one time payment.

MH Magazine Demo version

The MH magazine company made available a demo version for you to see, feel, and browse through but you can consider buying the premium plan, to view the premium version click here

Features Of The MH Magazine Theme

Below are the widget areas of the mg magazine theme, the paid version features is specified with  "premium" in brackets ;

Sidebar: Widget zone (sidebar left/ideal) on single posts, pages and chronicles. 

Sidebar 2: Second sidebar on single posts, pages and chronicles. (premium) 

Header 1 – Advertisement: Advertisement position situated over the header. (premium) 

Header 2 – Advertisement: Advertisement position situated inside the header. (premium) 

Home 1 – Home 11: Widget regions on "Landing page" layout. (premium) 

Home 12: Sidebar on landing page layout (just dynamic if two sidebars empowered). (premium) 

Posts 1: Widget region above single post content. 

Posts 2: Widget region underneath single post content. 

Pages 1: Widget range above single page content. (premium) 

Pages 2: Widget range beneath single page content. (premium) 

Footer 1 – Footer 4: Widget ranges situated in the footer. 

Contact: Widget range (sidebar) on contact page format. (premium) 

Contact 2: Second gadget range (sidebar) on contact page format. (premium)

Setting Up The MH Magazine Theme

Setting up the mh magazine theme is also easy, you can download it from their homepage then install it to your wordpress theme dashboard or you can search for it in the wordpress theme directory.

further more, the MH magazine company has set up a step by step installation guide for the theme, you can click here for that

That's it, if you encounter any problem while setting up your Mh magazine theme, just contact using the comment section below Thanks.